The Adventures of Pretzel Boy

Author Mr. Phinizy

Illustrator Onga Kornilov

When a busy working mom gives her two sons, Charlie and Max, some money to buy an afternoon snack, things get a bit hectic when their pretzel becomes more than they had bargained for. Their afternoon snack transforms into Pretzel Boy, a menace who is quick-witted and even quicker on his feet. Once he’s loose, he creates havoc all over New York City. But when he comes face to face with one of New York City’s biggest wise guys, PB’s left wondering if he just jumped straight out of the frying pan and into the fire. Find out what happens next in our fast and furious, fun tale, The Adventures of Pretzel Boy.


"Amazing job, super creative, and great communication. Loved working with Onga and will definitely work with him again."